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Protect Your Eyes from the Snow in These Three Winter Scenarios

With winter just around the corner, people everywhere are flocking to buy cool weather accessories and are preparing for their gas bill to skyrocket through the roof. However, amidst all the preparation for winter weather, many people forget the importance of protecting their eyes from the snow. Although it might sound ridiculous to some, here are a few scenarios in which you should wear some sort of protective eyewear this winter.

eye care for winterHitting the Slopes
Whether you prefer snowboarding or snow skiing, nothing can be quite as invigorating as spending a day on the slopes enjoy fresh powder. And although you might have your ski pants, coat, hat, gloves, and gear all ready, don’t forget to pack your goggles or some sun glasses. Due to the sun’s harsh glare on the already white snow, it can cause the snow to virtually blind you and leave your eyes sunburned. If it’s snowing, then make sure to wear your ski goggles but if it’s sunny then you can opt to wear a pair of sunglasses instead.

Fresh Layer of Snow
Nothing is quite as beautiful as newly fallen snow. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall don’t forget to take your sunglasses with you before you step outside. As mentioned above, the sun and snow can cause an almost blinding glare that can damage your eyes and make you wish you would’ve stayed inside. Also make sure that you always have a pair of sunglasses with you in the car, that way if it gets extra bright outside you will be equipped with the protection that you need!

Another often overlooked protection against any damaging effects on your eyes from the sun, is the ability for the sun to seep in through your office or home’s windows. For example, if you sit next to a window at work that doesn’t have any sort of tint on it, then be sure to close the curtains during bright winter days. This will help to not only shield your eyes but it will also help to reduce any glare that may arise on your computer or tablet screen.

The winter isn’t just filled with gray, gloomy days. In fact, there are plenty of bright and sunny days that will require you to wear your sunglasses or some other sort of protective eyewear.

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