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Summer School Prep: How Your Child’s Eyesight Can Influence their Report Card

Pediatric Eye Care Fargo, NDNow that summer is in full-swing, and your kids are out of school for the next few months, you have time to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Even though your summer plans may include more time spent at the pool than catching up on flashcards, it’s still important to make sure your kids are staying up-to-date on the basics— throwing in a few summer readings into the mix. If your child had a particularly rough school year and you noticed that their grades weren’t as high as they could be, this could be due to some vision impairment. To help you decipher between a learning impairment and a vision problem, we have created a brief article with some explanations. Read on to learn more.

Poor Reading Comprehension

If you have noticed that your child has a hard time comprehending what they’re reading, it could be indicative of an underlying vision problem like fixation or binocularity. Sometimes if your child only sees words that are jumbled together, it makes it hard or even impossible for them to gather meaning from the words they are trying to see.

Loses Place When Reading

When your child first starts out with reading, you may notice a few problems that they have; like sounding out different words or getting frustrated. However, if you have noticed that your child loses place when they are reading, this may be due to their eye’s inability to focus; which makes their eyes jump all over the page.

Disinterest in Reading

Everybody has school subjects that they prefer more than others. If your child has a hard time with reading and doesn’t enjoy it, it may be due to the fact their eyes are unable to focus on the words— resulting in fatigue and eye strain.

Not every learning disability is associated with your child’s vision health, but it is worth looking into. If you have noticed that your child suffers from any of the problems listed above, make sure that their eyes properly examined by the end of the summer. By getting your child adjusted to glasses before the school year, you can help make the transition easier. To learn more about your child’s vision health, contact Dr. Steven Thom today to schedule an appointment.

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