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How to Take Care of Your Eyes If You’re Diabetic

Diabetes mellitus does not only increase your blood glucose levels, it can also damage the blood vessels on the retina. A condition known as diabetic retinopathy holds the number one spot for blindness in America. Although individuals have to take care of their eyes on a daily basis, eye care is particularly important for patients diagnosed with diabetes to prevent any complications from occurring.

Here are some helpful tips on diabetic eye care:

  1. Control your blood glucose levels. Going back to the root of your eye condition, your diabetes must be controlled in the first place. Regularly take your medications and adjust your lifestyle and diet to be able to maintain normal glucose levels.
  2. If you have diabetes, you will more likely have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be a cause of eye diseases as it can increase your intraocular pressure. Thus, it is important to keep your blood pressure at its normal levels.
  3. Blood cholesterol levels have to be monitored as well. Get them under control to prevent any further eye complications.
  4. Schedule regular visits with your eye doctor to diagnose an eye condition as early as possible or treat it before it gets worse.
  5. Eat a proper and healthy diet. Being a diabetic means you have to watch what you are eating. You may have to think twice before eating a piece of steak. Think about how a particular food can affect your cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels before feasting on it.
  6. Exercise. You will be amazed with how exercise can do wonders to your overall health.
  7. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Cigarettes and alcohol increase your risks of acquiring diseases and developing complications.

Diabetic eye care can be effective and successful when done the right way. If you have any questions on how to properly care for your eyes or you have some complaints involving your eyes, schedule an appointment with Dr. Thom today by calling 701-235-5200. We look forward to your visit!

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