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How to Tell If You Need New Glasses

optical services Fargo, NDFall is the perfect time of year to revamp your wardrobe, declutter your closet, and get rid of old clothes and accessories that are just taking up space. As one part of your wardrobe that you may not consider replacing, your glasses are likely your most worn, but most neglected, an accessory that you own. If you aren’t sure if it’s time for you to get new glasses, read this article to learn more.

They’re Crooked

Nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical— unless they’ve had cosmetic surgery. As such, when you first get a new pair of glasses, Dr. Steve Thom will likely have to bend them to fit your face evenly, but they should stay that way for years. Over time and with a lot of use, your glasses can start to sit crookedly on your face. If you have noticed that you look like you got hit by a tornado, it may be time to get new glasses.

The Screws Are Loose

Another indication that it’s time to get new glasses is if the screws are loose. The longer you wear your glasses for, the more wear and tear that occurs to parts of your glasses like the screw holes— making it harder for your glasses to hold the screws in place.

They Are Out of Another Decade

Although vintage inspired looks are popular amongst hipster crowds everywhere, there’s a difference between vintage and old. If you haven’t gotten new glasses in decades, it may be time to upgrade your look and your vision and get a new pair of frames.

If your glasses are crooked, the screws are loose, or your glasses are from another decade entirely, it may be time to get them replaced. To learn more about glasses or to schedule an appointment with our office, contact Dr. Steve Thom today!

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