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The Facts Behind Ptosis

Ptosis or droopy eyelid syndrome, is a problem in which excess skin and fat hang over the top of the eyelid. Some individuals are born with this condition whereas other individuals simply get it as they age. If you suffer from ptosis and don’t want to spend another day looking at it in the mirror, then you might want to consider surgery.

Ptosis Ptosis Surgery
Things like putting on eye makeup, fitting into glasses well, and putting in contacts can all be hindered by Ptosis. In order to alleviate any frustration or discomfort associated with this condition, doctors invented a surgery designed to lift the eyelids and remove the fat. During ptosis surgery. There are two forms of ptosis surgeries that are available. The first kind is called a sling operation in which the forehead muscles will be used to lift and support the upper eyelid and the surrounding muscles. The other form of surgery involves going into the existing eye muscle and performing work on it from there. Depending on your condition and the severity of your condition, your doctor will be able to determine which type of ptosis surgery is right for you.

What Is Recovery Like?
One of the most dreaded parts of undergoing any form of surgery is thinking about the recovery. Recovery from ptosis surgery consists of cold compresses and an antibacterial ointment being placed on the surgical site for about 3-4 days after the procedure. You will also be encouraged to take around 5-7 days off of work, depending on the severity of the surgery. During recovery, you luckily won’t be required to wear an eye patch, but will have to be careful about getting things near your eyes. If you have young children, encourage somebody else to watch them while you are recovering, that way you can prevent any accidents from occurring.

After a week or two, the swelling should subside and you will start to notice the results from your surgery. Not only will the recovery time be worth it but the results might even make you have to pick your jaw up from off the ground.

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