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The Importance of Making Eye Contact

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s important to think of all of the etiquette involved in making sure you have a romantic evening with your special someone. For example, always open the door for a lady, place your napkin on your lap, hold your champagne glass from the stem, and make eye contact. However, why is it so important to make eye contact with people? Read on to learn more.

  1. eye check upIt Shows You Are Paying Attention
    Think about it, if you are in a deep conversation with someone who is looking around, down, or simply isn’t focusing on you, it’s hard to imagine that they are comprehending anything you are saying. However, by making eye contact it shows that you are in fact paying attention to the person sitting across from you and that you care. In order to make a really good impression on your Valentine’s date, make sure that you pay attention by making eye contact.
  2. It Shows You’re Comfortable
    It’s quite uncomfortable to meet someone for the first time and be able to look them directly in the eyes, because it’s so intimate. However, if you are on a Valentine’s date with someone then you should already be past that “uncomfortable” phase. By making eye contact with the person sitting across from you, you are demonstrating to them that you feel comfortable enough being with them to look them directly in their eyes.
  3. It Shows You’re Confident
    Nobody likes spending massive amounts of time with an individual who lacks any sort of confidence— when insecurities start to take over and self worth starts to plummet, it can be especially exhausting for the person on the other end, having to constantly lift you up and offer encouragement. However, a great way to demonstrate that you are confident in yourself and in your every move, is to make eye contact with those individuals you are speaking with— especially your Valentine’s date.

Make sure your Valentine’s date is a hit and engage in eye contact during conversation. To learn more about vision health or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Thom’s office today!

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