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Tired Eyes? How to Deal With Eye Fatigue

Droopy tired eyes, only look good on Eyore. If you’re like the majority of the population, you spend a lot of your day staring at your computer screen, phone screen, or tablet, which can leave your eyes feeling tired and like you need a nap. Although a daily nap might be nice, it’s usually not feasible. In order to help you deal with fatigued eyes, try these three suggestions.

1. 20-20-20 Rule
One of the best ways to deal with eye fatigue is to participate in the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look up from your screen and stare 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help to reduce eye fatigue and see more clearly.

tired eyes2. Reduce Glare
Glare on your screen can cause you to constantly be straining your eyes in order to properly read text or hone in on an image. However, by reducing the glare, you can help to lower the strain on your eyes and leave you feeling a bit more comfortable. In order to reduce the glare on your screen, consider the following:

  • a. Add a glare screen over your computer. These customized screens are meant for this very purpose— to reduce glare. Which can help alleviate much of the eye strain
  • b. Fix Overhead Lighting- as a main contributor to glares on screens, overhead lighting can easily be fixed. Harsh neon lighting can give your eyes an added strain that can be damaging. However, soft white lights will help you to lower the amount of strain you have to inflict on your eyes every day.

3. Go For Walks
If you’re a believer in pushing through your work all day so that you can go home right at 5, you might want to reconsider these techniques. By getting up every few hours and taking a quick 15 minute walk, you can help your eyes feel less tired, more alert, and ready to take on more screen time.

50-90% of Americans suffer from some sort of eye fatigue syndrome, which leads them in the eye doctors chair. If you suffer from eye fatigue, try the above three tips and see if they help to improve your comfort level.

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