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How to Treat Aging Eyes

aging eyesOften mistaken for farsightedness, presbyopia is a condition that occurs when your eyes start to age and they need to adjust in order to see objects both up close and far away. And unfortunately, unless you have discovered a magic pill to stop yourself from aging, there is virtually no way to escape the inevitability— you will at some point likely develop presbyopia. If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed by Dr. Steve Thom as having presbyopia, it’s important to learn about all of your treatment options. Read on to learn more.

As the most likely option that will be recommended to you in order to treat your presbyopia, bifocals are a traditional treatment that will help you to see both up close and far away. Bifocals are lenses that contain two lenses in one so that you don’t have to switch back and forth between two entirely different pairs of glasses. And although bifocals are effective, they are hard for many individuals to get used to and can cause patients to feel dizzy at times.

Prescription Reading Glasses
Depending on how severe your presbyopia is, Dr. Steve Thom might only recommend that you get a pair of prescription reading glasses. Although you can find reading glasses at virtually drugstore across the country, it’s better to get a prescription pair so that you ensure you are getting the exact type that you need in order to help improve your vision.

Progressive Lenses
Progressive lenses took the bifocal world by storm when they first came out because they give patients the ability to see both up close and far away without having the hard lines that differentiate the two lenses like bifocals do. With a lack of delineation in progressive lenses, patients find them to be a lot easier to get used to than their bifocal counterpart.

If you suffer from presbyopia, let Dr. Steve Thom help you find the perfect solution for you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Steve Thom today!

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