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How to Treat A Newborn’s Blocked Tear Ducts

tear ductsIf you are a new parent or if you are an expecting parent, then you know just how fragile a newborn baby is and all you want for them is for them to be both happy and healthy— and maybe sleep through the night as well. As one of the biggest things that newborn babies suffer from, clogged or underdeveloped tear ducts can cause parents to become worried and concerned for the overall health of their baby. Causing your newborn baby’s eyes to sometimes seal shut with gunk, blocked tear ducts can oftentimes look worse than they really are. Read on to learn more about how you can take care of your newborn baby’s tear ducts.

Warm Washcloth
Your newborn baby’s eyes will typically look more gunky right after they wake up from a nap. In order to remove the gunk from their eye, simply take a clean washcloth and wet it with warm water (testing it beforehand to make sure the water isn’t too hot), and then wipe the gunk off of their eyes, focusing primarily on the inner most portion of their eye, where the tear ducts are.

Breast Milk
This suggestion may sound a bit foreign and bizarre to new mothers, but placing breast milk into your child’s eye can also help to clear up their tear ducts. Filled with immunities and vitamins, breast milk can do wonders to not only the growth and development of your newborn baby, but to their tear ducts as well. Simply dip a clean finger into some fresh breast milk and place a drop in the inner part of your child’s eye while their eye is closed— when they open their eye, the breast milk will fall into it without you having to do anything.

Another thing that you can do to help clear up a clogged tear duct is to gently massage the ducts with a clean finer. Take a clean index finger and place it on your child tear duct and gently apply a bit of pressure while you simultaneously massage the area in a circular motion.

Tear ducts can cause a new parent to become concerned about their newborn baby’s eye development. However, by following the above tips, you can help to clear up their tear ducts in no time! To learn more or to schedule an eye appointment, contact Dr. Steve Thom today!

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