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Treating Your Child’s Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, or more commonly known as “lazy eye”, is a common eye condition that affects children today. This is characterized by eyes that do not seem to work or move together. The eyes of a child with amblyopia can appear turned in or out. Not only does it affect the child aesthetically, it also leads to an inability to judge depth and perception correctly. In other cases, the amblyopic eye could have poorer vision compared to the other.

Amblyopia is a condition that can definitely be treated, especially when diagnosed early. This is why children need to regularly visit their eye doctor in order to ensure proper eye health and to correct any problems at the earliest possible time.

Treatment Methods

Amblyopia can be treated in various ways depending on the condition of the child’s eye. If the affected eye has cataract, then cataract surgery may be considered to get it corrected. Those with refractive error in their amblyopic eye, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism, can make use of corrective lenses.

To treat the condition, a patch is placed on the child’s normal eye. This is to encourage the brain to make use of the amblyopic eye in recognizing images. In some cases, drops can be administered to the normal eye to blur its vision instead of putting a patch over it.

Don’t just ignore your child’s amblyopia. Consult a pediatric eye care expert as soon as possible. Dr. Thom will be able to identify amblyopia using a variety of tests and provide the appropriate treatment. You can set an appointment with Dr. Thom today by calling 701-235-5200.

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