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Twitch Got You Down? 3 Things That Contribute to Eye Twitching

Does your neighbor or the stranger on public transit think that you are winking at them, when in actuality your eye simply won’t stop twitching? Does your spouse think that you’ve developed a nervous habit because of that annoying eye twitch? If you have noticed that your eye is twitching, follow these steps to eliminate the discomfort and overall social awkwardness that accompanies this annoying disorder.

Sleep Deprivation
As one of the leading culprits to your eyes twitching, sleep deprivation can make your eyes look and feel like they’re pulsating. New parent? Too stressed at work? Suffer from insomnia? Whatever your excuse is for not catching up on your daily dose of z’s, set a goal for the next week to try to get more sleep and see if you notice a difference
in your eyes. If the twitching has subsided then you know you have some serious lifestyle changes to make. If the twitching is still there, try some of the other suggestions in this article.

Eye TwitchingStress
Stress at work, home, and in your personal life is enough to make anyone feel a little crazy. Add a twitching eye into the mix and you might feel like you need to see a shrink. Different people exhibit symptoms of stress in different ways. Some develop nervous habits, some get headaches, and others get twitching eyes. Try to cut down on the stress in your life and you will not only notice that your vision is back to normal but that the rest of your health is in better shape as well.

Dry Eyes
In the winter especially, people can suffer from irritating, painful, and twitch causing dry eyes. If you notice that your eyes aren’t producing as many tears as they probably should, then consider getting an over-the-counter eye drop that’s designed to treat dry eyes. Follow the instructions on the box and hopefully you will start to see the true difference.

Avoid awkward stares in public and the uncomfortable feeling like you’re constantly winking at someone with the above three tips. To learn more about how you can treat your twitching eyes, contact our office today!

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