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Two Types of Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are an eye disease that causes a film to encompass your eyes and results in blurry vision— leading to an inability to do everyday tasks like read, drive, and see very easily. Typically inflicting individuals over the age of 65, cataracts can make your everyday life a bit more difficult. If you have cataracts and are considering getting cataract surgery, read on to learn more about your two options.

cataract surgery

  1. Laser Surgery
    This is the latest type of cataract surgery. Laser surgery is gaining extreme popularity among patients because it doesn’t require the use of a blade in order to make incisions into the eye. In fact, everything is done through your doctor via laser. During the procedure, the cataract will be removed and if requested, an artificial lens, also called an IOL, will then be inserted into the eye. The best part about laser surgery is that the probability for risks associated with an unsteady hand or lack of precision are decreased.
  2. Small Incision Surgery
    This form of cataract surgery is the most common type of surgery. By making small incision around the cornea, the surgeon is then able to access teh cornea. By using ultrasound technology, the cataract is then broken up into several pieces and is then removed by the surgeon himself. Once the cataract(s) have been removed, an IOL may be placed into the eye in order to restore vision.

Depending on how bad your cataracts are and depending on factors such as your age and the current state of your health, you and Dr. Thom can decide on what type of cataract surgery is ideal for you and your eyes. Understanding the difference between these two types of surgeries will help you to make a more educated and informed decision regarding the health and state of your eyes. To learn more about cataract surgery or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thom, contact our office today!

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