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Understanding amblyopia

Dr. Steve Thom is an ophthalmologist that works routinely with patients who have common eye concerns. One condition, called amblyopia, can occur in early childhood. Also known as “lazy eye,” this condition causes images to be ignored by the brain, resulting in poor depth perception, sensitivity to low contract, and reduced sensitivity to motion. Some patients with amblyopia may also have difficulty seeing three-dimensional images. In most cases, with correction at an early age, patients can remedy this condition and avoid permanent effects to the neurological pathways that can lead to poor vision the rest of their lives. With a proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, many patients can address amblyopia appropriately and restore vision dramatically.

What types of amblyopia are diagnosed?

There are a variety of amblyopia conditions that may occur and be diagnosed by Dr. Steve Thom of Fargo, ND. These include:

  • Form-deprivation and occlusion
  • Refractive amblyopia discrepancies
  • Strabismus amblyopia (crossed eyes)

What is the treatment for amblyopia once diagnosed?

Treatment of amblyopia varies depending on the type of amblyopia diagnosed, the severity of their condition, and their age. Some of the most common remedies for amblyopia include the following:

  • Use of prescription eyeglasses
  • Atropine eye drops
  • Use of eye patches
  • Amblyopia surgery

With early detection and diagnosis, many adults can avoid future problems associated with their condition.

When should I contact an ophthalmologist for amblyopia?

Amblyopia typically presents itself in childhood. At this point, if the parent seeks a proper evaluation with an ophthalmologist, they can speak to a professional about treatment options. These treatment options are highly recommended to correct the issue when patients are younger, reducing the risk of long-term problems throughout adulthood. Without proper treatment, this condition can cause permanent changes to vision and may require surgical intervention to address.

Are you in need of an evaluation?

Contact Dr. Steve Thom and his team at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic in Fargo, ND by calling (701) 235-5200 to request an appointment with our practice. We can provide a thorough evaluation and discuss appropriate treatment solutions for patients with amblyopia or other eye concerns that may be impacting their vision health.

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