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Understanding Color Blindness

While many have heard of color blindness, many are unsure as to the various types of color blindness that may occur. At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, Fargo, ND area patients can be tested for color blindness and can speak to a professional about their condition.

Types of color blindness

The human eye has photoreceptors which are light-sensitive cells that allow humans to see different colors. When these photoreceptors do not work properly, they can make it difficult to distinguish between certain colors. Color blindness is not really a blindness at all, but rather a color deficiency. The three varieties of color blindness include:

  • Red/green color deficiencies
  • Blue/yellow color deficiencies
  • True color blindness

Of the three, true color blindness is the most rare, while red/green color deficiency is the most common.

Living with color blindness

At this point in time, there is no cure for color blindness. However, it is no life-threatening and patients who have been diagnosed with color blindness can still go on to live normal, healthy lives. However, there are specific professions where a patient with color blindness may find challenges that can impact their career. This includes patients who are interested in the fields of law enforcement, the military, flight, electricians, or interior design.

In addition, patients who are color blind often avoid the use of color-corrective eyewear and instead prefer to use cues for color. A perfect example is color blindness related to driving. A stoplight has three colors which indicate whether someone should stop, go, or slow down. Patients with color blindness are often aware of the arrangement of the lights to help them determine which color is which. These workarounds make it easier for those who are color blind to get through day-to-day activities without a problem.

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