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Vision Talk: What Your Dry Eyes Are Trying to Tell You

dry eyesDuring this time of year, the air is cold, and it can seem like every part of your body is drying out including your skin, hair, mouth, and even your eyes. If you have noticed that your eyes are dry and itchy around this time of year, it could mean that you are suffering from one of many things including allergies, chronic dry eye, or that you need to switch out your contact lenses. This article will discuss what your dry eyes are trying to tell you. Read on to learn more.


With spring just around the corner, you may not realize it, but there is still a decent amount of dust and pollen in the air that may cause your eyes to feel a lot dryer than usual. One of the biggest ways that you can tell if your dry eyes are associated with allergies is whether or not you have other allergy symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, a cough, or even a small sore throat.

Chronic Dry Eye

This is a condition in which your eyes don’t produce enough natural tears to keep them lubricated. Caused by things such as age, gender, medications, medical conditions, and your environment, chronic dry eye can typically be treated with a prescription eye drop.

Dried Out Contact Lenses

If you can’t seem to remember the last time that you switched out your contact lenses, this may be the reason why your eyes feel dry. Old contact lenses that aren’t lubricated can prevent your eyes from getting all the oxygen they need to keep them feel moisturized and moist. Luckily, the solution to this problem is as easy as 1-2-3; simply throw out your current contact lenses and replace them with a fresh new pair.

Dry eyes can be uncomfortable, and in extreme conditions, they can even be a bit painful. If you have been suffering from this condition, come into see Dr. Steve Thom for a comprehensive eye exam. To learn more about dry eye or other eye conditions, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today!



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