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What Is Visual Field Testing?

Eye exam Fargo, NDDuring your annual eye exam, Dr. Thom may perform a visual field test to detect any concerns that may affect your vision. Some patients choose to forego the test, but understanding the benefits of the procedure helps you make an informed decision about your eyecare.

What is the Visual Field?

The visual field of your eyesight includes the areas of peripheral vison that you have while focused on an object that is directly in front of you. This section of your eyesight is typically where chronic conditions begin to develop.

How is My Visual Field Evaluated?

The goal of visual field testing is to determine if you have any blind spots in your eyesight. Several types of tests are used.

  • Covering one eye and focusing on a mid-range object with the other eye. Your eyecare specialist will then ask you to describe an object that is positioned within your peripheral vision.
  • Automated visual field testing using a machine the produces images at various positions in your peripheral vision. You may be asked to click a button each time that you see the images.
  • Patterns that help detect abnormalities in the visual field.

What Happens If I Have an Abnormality in My Visual Field?

Abnormalities in the visual field may be caused by a range of conditions. In some cases, the abnormality will be monitored for any changes. Some types of visual field anomalies, such as those related to glaucoma, require treatment to prevent further damage to the eye.

Will I Lose My Eyesight Due to a Problem with My Visual Field?

Certain conditions that affect your visual field can lead to vision loss if left untreated. Your eyecare specialist explains the type of abnormality and any conditions that may cause the blind spot.

Learn More About Visual Field Testing. Contact Thom Eye & Laser Clinic.

If you have never had a visual field test or are experiencing symptoms of a visual field anomaly, contact Thom Eye & Laser Center to schedule an appointment. We also offer treatments for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye problems. If you prefer to contact us directly instead of using our online form, our office in Fargo can be reached at (701) 235-5200.

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