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What glaucoma treatment is recommended for patients?

Glaucoma TreatmentGlaucoma is considered one of the leading causes of blindness in men and women over the age of 60. This condition, which can damage the optic nerve in the eye, can impact one’s vision and cause permanent damage. This is due to high pressure in the eye. With proper diagnosis and treatment, many patients are able to restore their vision and improve their eyesight.

How do doctors treat glaucoma?

There is no one specific way to address glaucoma in each patient. Instead, a variety of treatment options may be used to provide a conservative treatment for those with mild to moderate glaucoma. As the condition worsens, patients may need more invasive treatment options. Below are just a few of the common modalities Dr. Steve Thom uses at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic to assist those who have glaucoma.

  • Medication – mild cases of glaucoma may be improved with the use of medication. Certain prescription medications can reduce the pressure present in the eye and can limit the loss of vision a patient may experience from this condition. Most medications are in the form of eye drops, though there are also pills and ointments that can be utilized as well.
  • Laser treatment – some patients may benefit from the use of laser treatments. These procedures, including peripheral iridotomy and laser trabeculoplasty, can be performed to avoid cutting and reducing chances of complications when compared to glaucoma surgery.
  • Glaucoma surgery – when alternative options such as medications and laser treatment do not relieve the pressure in the eye, glaucoma surgery may be required. This surgical treatment can help in treating glaucoma, but there are also side effects and risks of surgery that could be avoided with non-surgical treatments.

It is essential that patients speak to a professional about the stage at which their condition has reached and the treatment options best suited for their unique situation.

Are you struggling with glaucoma?

Now is the time to connect with a Fargo, ND area ophthalmologist to obtain a proper diagnosis and discuss possible treatment options. Dr. Steve Thom of Thom Eye and Laser Clinic can be reached for an appointment by calling (701) 235-5200. His practice, located at 2601 University Drive S, is always accepting new patients and families seeking premier eye care.

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