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What to Do If Your Child Gets Pink Eye

Although they are the joys of your life, it’s no secret that children are also basically walking germs. And if your child goes to daycare, preschool, or elementary school, they will more than likely come home every month or so with some illness they picked up while at school. However, if your child comes home from school with Pink Eye, you need to take extra precautions. As one of the most contagious eye disorders, Pink Eye can easily spread from one victim to the next with just a simple touch. Take the following precautions to ensure your little one doesn’t infect the whole family.

Call the School
pink eyeThe first measure you should take when discovering that your little one has pink eye is to notify the school and see how your child got it in the first place. Did someone show up to school with pink eye without parents being notified? Why wasn’t that child sent home early? Once you have established how your child got pink eye in the first place, then it’s advisable to keep your child out of school for a day or two until they are no longer contagious— the last thing you want to do is infect other children.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment
There are three types of pink eye, viral, bacterial, and allergen induced pink eye. If your child develops pink eye due to allergies, then they will not be contagious. However, if it’s viral or bacterial then they will be very contagious. Either way, it’s important to take your child to the doctor to have their eyes examined. Plus, your doctor will also give you some eye drops that will help clear up the infection and cause your child to no longer be contagious.

Wash Everything
Little kids especially like to touch everything they see— the walls, the table, the couch, the remote controller— everything. As soon as you find out whether or not your child is in fact contagious, sanitize every inch of your house as possible. Wipe down all surface with an anti-bacterial cleaner and wash sheets and towels in hot water— this will help to prevent anybody else in your family from contracting pink eye.

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