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What to Expect During a Routine Eye Exam

Every year, we need to undergo routine examinations with many professionals. We visit the dermatologist for a skin cancer screening. We see the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and evaluation. And we see our primary care physician once a year for an annual checkup. But what about the eye doctor? Dr. Steve Thom in Fargo, ND encourages adults and children to visit their eye doctor every year for an examination as well!

What to expect during an eye examination

Before a patient starts their eye examination, especially with a new doctor, they need to fill out paperwork about their medical history. This may also include questions about one’s eyesight that may need to be evaluated further during the appointment. Some common questions that may be asked in this paperwork include:

• Are you taking any prescription medications?

• Have you ever had eye surgery?

• Do you have eye concerns or vision changes recently?

• Do you wear contacts or glasses for vision correction?

Patients will complete this paperwork when they visit to give their ophthalmologist the information he needs to provide a thorough evaluation. Patients should also remember to bring their vision correction products with them, whether they are contacts or eyeglasses. The doctor may have a patient wear them for part of the examination to ensure they are working properly for them.

During the examination, the doctor will measure visual acuity to determine if corrective lenses are needed. A numbing drop may be used in the eyes to allow the doctor to measure eye pressure. Dilating eye drops may also be used to evaluate inside of each eye. The vision test will also include testing one’s vision with and without corrective lenses.

Specialized examinations

If the doctor has any specific concerns, they may provide further testing and evaluations during a routine eye examination to investigate. Dr. Steve Thom will guide patients through the process so there are no surprises! These examinations may include:

• Eye muscle test

• Refraction assessment

• Visual acuity test

• Visual field test

• Color vision testing

• Slit lamp examination

• Retinal examination

• Glaucoma screening

Learn more about the importance of eye examinations with Dr. Steve Thom of Fargo, ND today!

If you are interested in having your vision checked and eyes evaluated by a trained and experienced ophthalmologist, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with the team at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic. The practice is located at 2601 University Drive S, and can be reached at (701) 235-5200 to book an examination with our friendly front office team.

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