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Why Fall is The Best Time For Lasik Surgery

Eye Care Services Fargo NDFall is in the air, and we are ready for Halloween to kick off the holiday season. We’ve got the house decorated with cobwebs, buckets of candy waiting in the pantry, and costume ideas just waiting to be decided on. But before we can truly celebrate Halloween, we have one more blog post for you. Have you been thinking of Lasik for months now, but just waiting to make the call and schedule a consultation? Keep reading to find out why now is the best time to call.

Life is Calmer

Summer is a crazy time because we’re traveling more and keeping the kids occupied. If you’re not feeling more calm now, then it’s because you’re adding more to your plate. For many of us, life is calmer now: after long, fun summers but before the busy holiday season kicks off. It’s a great time to squeeze in an appointment that can bring you benefits for years to come.

Surgery in the Fall Helps You Avoid Too Much Sun

Too much sun can be a big annoyance for some people right after they get Lasik surgery. By waiting until the days are a bit shorter, you can avoid the harsh glare that is a little more bothersome after you get your surgery.

Avoid Spring Allergies

We’re past the worst of allergy season. If you suffer from springtime allergies, getting Lasik surgery when your allergies are hitting hard can truly make recovery less pleasant. Avoid itchy eyes and opt for Lasik now.

Prevent Winter Dryness Issues

With the heat on so much, air is drier and your eyes may feel the change a little too harshly. If you’re sensitive to dry air, then getting Lasik surgery now could be a great idea.

Skip Glasses and Contacts for The Holidays

If you’re the type to give yourself a little something for the holidays, there’s nothing better than the gift of sight. Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to see. No fumbling for glasses on Christmas morning. No sticky contacts from accidentally falling asleep on the couch.

Let’s get your eyesight back before the holidays! Call us at (701) 235-5200 to schedule a consultation.

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