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Will Vitamin A Help your Eyesight?

Healthy Eyesight NutritionYou’ve heard the old wive’s tale that carrots are good for your eyes, right? They supposedly can help you see in the dark. In reality, though, carrots are one of the best sources for Vitamin A—and there are several studies out there that point to the fact that taking more Vitamin A can help strengthen your eyes, as well as help with eye disorders like cataracts, bad vision and the like. However, is this really true? After all, clients who come into an optometrist office are always looking for the best way to ensure that they keep their eyes healthy. Many of them would love a solution as simple as eating more carrots.

In order to answer this, a person must understand what Vitamin A does for the body. Those who take plenty of Vitamin A are going to be protecting their bones, their eyes and their immune systems. For example, Vitamin A can be the one way to fight off infections in the eyes.

With this being said, Vitamin A is also a great way to form a protective barrier around the cornea, which in turn does protect the eye. The protection is especially helpful for:

– People with dry eyes. Vitamin A will help keep your eyes moist.

– Those suffering from Macular Degeneration. Vitamin A supplements can help slow the disease’s progress.

– People with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Using Vitamin A in combination with other vitamins will help you keep your vision longer.

Luckily, Vitamin A is in almost every food. However, there are certain foods that have it in greater proportion, so if you are looking to up your Vitamin A intake, you should concentrate your diet on carrots, sweet potatoes, and dark leafy greens. Countries which have limited access to good foods do suffer from Vitamin A deficiencies, and the rate of vision problems are increased in these areas.

For those who are interested in taking more Vitamin A to help with their vision, they need to realize that this is not likely to reverse any vision issues that a person has. Instead, it simply helps to keep the eye healthy to prevent other vision issues from arising.

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