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Should I Worry About Spots On My Eyes?

Eye Exams Fargo NDYou look at your eyes every day, and everything is normal until you look very closely and notice a black spot on the iris. Uncertainty sets in, and you perform a quick vision check. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, and you feel a sense of relief. Minutes later you run to the mirror and study the small dot again, and now you are worried. Do you need to schedule an eye exam?

What are Spots on the Iris?

If you look closely at the iris of your eye, you will notice that the coloration has a distinct and consistent pattern. Spots on the eyes are very tiny areas that are black, brown, yellow or red. Sometimes people notice these dots while looking in the mirror or they may notice an almost imperceptible dark spot in the field of vision. Certain conditions, such as bright lighting, may make you notice the problem.

Causes of Spots on the Eye

The little dot that you see on your iris could be linked to an eye condition, or you may have always had the spot, but never noticed. Most spots are caused by blood vessels in the eye that rupture. Aside from an injury to the eye, the delicate vessels can also be damaged as a result of lifting objects that are too heavy. Diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical conditions can cause spots on the iris. If you have a yellow spot on your iris, it may be linked to exposure to wind and sunlight.

Can Spots on the Eye Be Removed?

The goal of treatment for spots on the iris is to remedy the underlying cause rather than address the actual spot. In some cases, the spot may disappear once the medical condition is well-managed, but in other cases, the spot is a permanent part of your iris.

Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris? Contact Thom Eye & Laser Center.

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